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Hey friends! So totally weird and random, but I wanted to share my account on FanFiction. The last thing I posted was a little over a year ago and before that nothing since …. They are all Kataang stories except for one Captain America poem yeah I know, random. I would suggest reading from oldest to newest because they get better as they go lol. But yeah. If you guys could take a look and maybe leave a review or if you really like one give it a shoutout on your blog that would mean so so much to me!

So yeah. DieHardKataang is the name. Thanks guys! Hopefully you like it, I just uploaded it and I would love a comment!!! Btw your blog is awesome!!!

Okay but wowowowowowowowowowow I loveddddddddd it so much!!! Seriously you gave me soooo many feels! I love your perspective on the progression of their relationship and your writing style perfectly encapsulated your thoughts and made the story flow so well.

You got them perfectly in character in my opinion and portrayed the natural progression of their relationship throughout the series in a really poetic and beautiful way.

There were lots more like that too.

Thank you for sharing it with me and now I just want to read everything you write! Very well done my friend! Here is the link that everyone should click on to read this wonderful ficlet! I just got too busy, regrettably. Aang set down the cooler of food he way carrying and ran after her. They came upon the sorry sight of her brother tangled in a collapsed tent.

Suki was crouched at his side, her hands hovering to help but not quite sure how. Katara doubled over laughing and Aang scratched the back of his head, amused and concerned. Sokka shot the three of them irritated glances and yanked in vain at the canvas.

A support pole whacked him in the nose. The three of them helped detangle their friend while he sat with his arms crossed, pouting. Once he was free, they sent him to unpack the van while they pitched the tents. Aang and Katara exchanged uneasy glances. He grabbed Grill-Master Zuko by the wrist and dragged him to the fire pit, Mai in tow. The rest of them settled in around the splintering picnic table. Keep reading.

If any other members of the fandom happen to know any other good spirit world reunion fics, we encourage you to share your finds, with us or with avatargurl I originally wrote this last year, and posted it on ff. After a couple days I took it down, and posted it on my tumblr. Kataang, beyond the canon universe. Rebellions are sprouting up around the nations, and Aang has to deal with them, along with other things that weigh on his mind.This story is about aangthat the Firelord has defeated.

What happens to him when he's hurt? Aang had just defeated the Firelord, and was injured against the wall. Appa landed at the palace. Katara jumped off of appa. She ran into the palace and looked around. And ran through the room, where everything was covered with rocks. As she looked to the right she saw aang leaning against a wall. She ran to him.

She said, and shook his shoulder. Auwhh, he said loudly and opened his eyes. Ooohh sorry! Come on you have to go here, she said, and put him in her arms. And jumped on appa. And appa flew into the air. She put him in her lap.

I do not know. Appa called understandable and remained in the air. She took his burned clothes and pulled it slowly over his head. He cried, and tears ran down his cheeks. She grabbed her water bag and started healing of little wounds and a few great ones.

He groaned in pain. A few minutes later, she was ready to heal with most wounds and sent back the water in her water bag. You have only a large wound on your back, and a big one on your chest. O-okay, he said. Where want you to go?

She asked.

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South Pole Not only for yourself, I think, is that right? He smiled weakly. That's right, just She smiled and kissed his forehead. You better go to sleep, she said, smiling at him. Okay, he said, and closed his eyes. GoodnightI love you, she said, and kissed his cheek.

I had to wait with that now he knows it! Well I just tell him, she thought.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Suki's life began on a small island off the coast of Yokoya. Her life was ordinary, simple. Yet she yearned for something else, a new adventure.

Little did she know, her life was about to be turned upside down. All due to a pair of golden fans and three teenagers. A fic about Toph being at a party with her friends when someone she doesn't recognize comes up to her. Zuko is banished, but isn't given the hope of returing. He isn't given the task of finding the avatar, instead he roams the earth kingdom as the Blue Spirit. Meanwhile, the gaang are being pursued by Zhao. Everyone is doing mostly fine, until the gaang find Zuko in a valley full of ashes.

Zuko is a firebender, Aang needs a teacher.

kataang fanfiction

Problem is, Zuko is trying very hard to stay out of the war. Zuko was scary, not that Sokka was afraid of him, but he was always with an angry scowl and an impeccable silence that did not helped the situation for him. So Sokka had the right to be surprided when Zuko made the audition to play the Blue Spirit, in that year Sokka saw that there have never been an actual reason to be afraid of Zuko.

All Katara wanted to do on her Saturday was sleep in. But when Zuko needs help at the Jasmine Dragon, she can't exactly leave him hanging. And who knows? Maybe something - or someone - good will come out of it. Kakashi Hatake is a shinobi. A young shinobi, but a shinobi nonetheless. But when a strange woman speaks to him when he meditates, he starts wondering who to believe.

Shinobi don't interact with Benders. Most shinobi don't even know what a bender is. So when a child claims to be the Avatar, Lord Hokage is quite surprised. Sokka dropped out of med school to help take care of his dying mother at the family cabin. After she dies, he stays in the cabin year-round in order to clear his head.

Little did he know his peaceful refugium would be turned upside down after finding a man in the woods with a fresh burn on his face running away. He didn't expect his rusty medical knowledge to come in handy again so soon and this stubborn in-house patient is the ultimate test of bedside manner.Hello, everyone this is a continuation from my previous story true love true confession.

I decided to change that chapter into the prologue for this story as I realized that I dwelled too much into their feeling and stuff. This story would definitely contain more action.

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I would like to apologise for any inconvenience a caused. By the if you are keen in reading about the previous chapter please click the link below. It might help you in understanding the plot a bit more. Aang and Katara both have a huge crush on one another but are too afraid to confess in fear they might lose their friendship. Aang is currently 16 while Katara is Aang though considered to be hottest guy in town his humble nature makes it impossible to express his feelings for Katara.

Aang decides to ask Sokka for advice about this issue. As usual Sokka comes up with a whacky solution; making Katara jealous about Aang in an attempt to make her confess. Will his plan work out? Sokka beamed and bragged about his ingenious plan. When have I ever let you down? You remember everything I told you right. Now go get her!

With that, Sokka slowly hid behind the door behind the balcony standing deathly still and busting his eardrums trying to pick up on the slightest strains of romantic banter.

Katara who noticed Aang stumble into the balcony looked over at him and asked in a maternal tone, "Aang are you okay what happened?

Just did not notice the step. Katara nodded and waited for him to speak. Katara looked at Aang's feet movement and sensed the awkwardness that was brewing between them. Aang who was surprised by what Katara said did not know what to say but glance at Sokka for suggestions. Sokka gave Aang a death glare and coarsely whispered and gestured, "Stick to the plan Aang, stick to the plan!

Aang jerked back to reality, looked at Katara's eyes, and thought about how he was going to blatantly lie right in front of her, "Katara …I … am kind of in …love. Katara kept an inscrutable face although inside her every single cell of hers was hoping that Aang would say that the girl in his heart was she.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Kataang Central! Founder: GeorgiaDawg99 - Stories: - Followers: 0 - id: Kataangers unite! We are here to show that Aang and Katara are the best couple ever.

Rules are as followed: No profanity. No M rated stories. The Fan Club by Lyralocke reviews Kataang, oneshot. Katara really isn't the jealous type. She just tends to make it seem that way. Accidentally, of course. She glanced away. She never could lie to him. Not successfully, anyway. Fatal Attraction by Lyralocke reviews Kataang, oneshot. She was going to be the death of him. But if that was the case, he welcomed the abyss.

News by Lyralocke reviews Kataang, oneshot. Katara was sitting. Aang was watching. Just hours after the end of the war, Katara put it into the simplest terms: I'm glad you didn't die.

Kataangy Fluff! Aang's Birthday by AangKatara reviews It is Aang's 14th birthday and he's not enjoying it until a certain waterbender comes along. Fluffy, cute, whatever you want to call it. Hope you like it! It's and the city is at war.

The Dragon Gang is taking over every speakeasy they can, and it's up to the Riversiders and the Aces to stop them. Just one problem. There's only one Ace left, and he doesn't think he has anything to prove.

Not as serious as it sounds. Kataang Week by GeorgiaDawg99 reviews Yay! Kataang Week! A collection of one-shots and drabbles based on the prompts give for this Kataang Week.

Hold Me Close by GeorgiaDawg99 reviews A short one-shot of when Katara pulls Aang out of the avatar state in the desert and my take on what happened after. But Guru Pathik tells Aang that he must let go of this attachment to this world; Katara.

Will Aang choose the Avatar state or Katara? In direct quoting from the Book 2 episode: The Guru, you are taken inside Aang's true feelings and discover what he will do for love. But when he goes outside to get some air, he's not alone.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kataang Kingdom. Founder: blue-kataang - Stories: 68 - Followers: 42 - Staff: 17 - id: Kataang Kingdom!

Where all kataang stories are welcome, no matter bad or good! Sick of Zutara stories where ever you go. Kataang kingdom is all kataang. Only ratings: K-T. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But just because you're under the weather, doesn't mean you can't have a good time. Years ago, her mother died, and Katara dreams that it was all his fault, but she hates herself for it.

Avatar the Last Airbender Book 4 Air by avatargurumaster reviews This is a story about what happens after the finale.

Picks up were show left off. Don't Stop the Music by melbelle reviews Katara's got a new crush-does he like her back? And what happens when Toph and Suki get wind of the budding romance? Story's better than the summary, read it all inside!

Now Complete! What he was doing And yet, somehow The Right Time by BlackRose reviews A collection of moments between Aang and Katara after the war, during and before their relationship. Vaguest -- Katara thinks it's best to keep her and Aang's relationship vague.

While waiting to find out how the battle turned out, Katara learns that Zuko thought she and Aang were already a couple. Somehow, she's not surprised. Be Still by BlackRose reviews Aang's not sure if him and Katara are dating, but that can't be right, can it?

I Remember by macsauce32 reviews A cute little story I thought of a little while ago. I thought of it while watching T.By midnight they had closed and deleted his account. I wa's not suprised as i had read their reviews and knew they never payout.

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